Increasing Findability in SharePoint

With SharePoint 2013 touting better-than-ever search capabilities, it’s important to remember what makes content easy to find: content organization and knowing how the search engine functions. In today’s SPTechCon Boston session at 11:00AM, I’ll provide my secret playbook for a top-notch collaboration experience and maximum findability.

We’ll cover my five-step playbook, including:

  • Step 1: Fix Contribution
    • Folders and default properties – the rules you MUST follow
    • Different views (UX) for contributors and consumers
  • Step 2: Fix Consumption #1 (Browsing and Navigation)
    • Different views (UX) for contributors and consumers (again!)
    • Configure navigation
  • Step 3: Fix Consumption #2 (Search)
    • Encourage better Titles
    • Definitions, best bets
  • Step 4: Align Taxonomy
    • The seven places to configure things in SharePoint 2010 (you don’t have to do them all)
  • Step 5: Integrate Social
    • Enable social tagging promotion and tag feeds

You can get the slides here.

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